Zanpo - Interactive Web Site

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You can build your own Environments on this site. And you can explore other peoples properties.



Le Uyen Pham - Illustrator

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What can I say about Uyen? She is one of my favoritest people! She has a fantastic spirit, which I am sure you will be able to sense simply by exploring her Web Site. She is an illustrator. She used to work for DreamWorks SKG. She enjoys creating Childrens Books. Her Character Designs are great. And she is one of the hardest workers you will ever find. May she live forever!

Le Uyen Pham


Birmingham International Airport

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This site is simple and clean.
The Interactive Flash Section.

Birmingham International Airport


Rinzen - Print Graphic Design

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Here is a graphic design site to check out. It looks like they are using vector based software.




Vintage Memorabilia

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This site has a collection of memorabilia. It has a range from Objects, Graphics, Fashion and so on. Access to the information is by decade. There is a fair amount of samples to explore. Enjoy.

Authentic History

This image is by J.C. Leyendecker. He is one of my favorite illustrators of all time. If you are not aware of his work, you should be. Norman Rockwell idolized this guy and in many ways I agree.


Harley Jessup - Production Design

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Harley Jessup. These images were Production Design Sketches for Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. Movie. You can see more of his work on the Pixar WebSite.



Bruce Zick - Production Design

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I remember seeing this guys stuff on the walls when I was working at Disney. I ran across his work again on the Pixar site today. His name is Bruce Zick, and he’s got some formidable chops. I haven’t run across a website for him yet, but I will keep looking.

Bruce Zick (link)

PigDog Productions (related link)



Iain McCaig - Character Design

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Well, We must mention Iain at some point. He is a competant Character Designer. He has a strong sense of proportion, which is probably the hardest skill for a designer to obtain. He does traditional illustration as well. And yes, he worked on the Star Wars - Pre-trilogy. It looks like he is about to populate a web-site, but for right now, he just has a parking-page posted, So keep an eye out…

Iain McCaig


Tatopoulos Studio

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This group is obviously competent. If you dig around a bit on their site, you can find some concept work. The sketches are not particularly notable, but their sculptural stuff is solid. Here are a few samples of what to expect. They have worked on a lot of movies.

Tatopoulos (link)


Mike Mignola - Hellboy

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Well. Most people know about Mike. In my humble opinion, he is one of the best designers in existance. Simply put, he is a MASTER ARTIST. His sense of composition is SUPERB. His characters are fun and unique. He is a competent storyteller.

If I had to nitpick, there are two things that I would like to see him do: Tell better stories is the first one. And the second one is as follows- His style is so refined (and well documented) that I would love to see him develop a new style (or three), just to see what he would do with them.

The following is in no way meant to denegrate Mike, but I have one last comment: For those of you who think that Mike’s aesthetic is completely original, go take a look at someone like Ludwig Holwein 1926(ish). Nothing is new, under the sun. Note: I do not know if Mike has ever seen Holwein’s work, or if it was an important influence. Ask him if you care to know. My personal opinion? Mike probably saw Holwein’s work, but I suspect that it was not a great influence on him. Why do I say this? Because Mike’s progress towards his current style was slow and painstaking. 10+ years of migration.

Mike Mignola - Hellboy (link)


Ryan Meinerding - Character Design

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Here are a few images from an up-and-comer.
Notice the attention to detail.


Fine Art

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An interesting mix of the old and the new plus a certain dry wit and solid craftsmanship = Images worthy of note.

Mark Ryden (link)


Barry Jackson - Set Design

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Barry has been a part of a lot of movies (among other things like games and posters). Prince of Egypt, Cool World, Shrek and more. He has done Production Design as well as Character Design. Apparently he also has done writing and directing (whatever those are). A rather talented cat.

Barry Jackson (link)


Pin Hole Spy - Graphic Design

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Flash Site. How to build a PinHole Camera.




Ben Balistreri - Character

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Ben’s stuff is solid. Below are a couple of examples. I believe these images were for Nickelodeon. I particularly like this first image because it is a character as a container. Cool. Beware - the site is a bit of a mess. It will keep resizing your windows. Nonetheless, the images are very worth exploring. And for once, the images are quite large, so you can really get a good look at them.


Animation - Animator

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This site is for Animators. It is a Flash site (xml). It has various little "flip" animations. And some samples of lectures and what not. I don’t know anything about the quality of the school, but if the site is a reflection, then I have high hopes.


The company who made made this flash site
is Theory7, as seen below.


Flash Site - Gorilla Glue

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This is a Flash Site. So get ready for some fun animation.  They manage to get you excited about "glue". Some fun graphics, some innovative transitions, etc.

GorillaGlue (Link)

Vintage Graphic Design

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This site has a lot of Vintage Graphics to explore. There are also some fun audio tracks to enjoy. Make sure to check out the 100 Films section as there are some neat poster designs (like the following).



Claire Wendling

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Claire is really great with characters. She has a number of comic books that are published in the (oversized) French Style. I am more fond of her work that preceeds 2004, as it is less manneristic, but it is all worth looking at. She has a number of sketchbooks that are worth getting although they are sometimes hard to track down. If you can’t get them through her site, you might try Bud Plant or Stuart Ng.



Monsters, Witches, Aliens

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This site address Monsters and such. Witches, Werewolves, Vampires, Ghosts, Mummies, Demons, Etc. They have "Facts" pages. Ex. What are the different known ways to become a werewolf. They have pages of images from movies. and so on. This site is a potential resource for character designers.


Movie Images Link


Product Design

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This site addresses architecture, costume, furniture, product, etc. It also has a link section.




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This site has a lot of architects cataloged. There are interiors and exteriors. Buildings and Products as well. People like Mies, Gaudi, Hollein, and so on.

University Link


Monsters - Creatures

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This site is for Dungeon and Dragons. It has quite a mix of creatures. The quality is rather mixed. But it is worth taking a look at. Keep in mind, that even if a given design is not that fantastic, it may still represent an interesting direction of exploration.  This is mostly monster stuff.

 Dungeons & Dragons LINK

Figurines - Characters

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This site has a couple thousand characters on it. The photos are well taken, although a bit small. Not all of the designs are great, but lots of them are. So check it out. There are many different types. Aliens, monsters, bad guys. Not a lot of heros though.



Classic Illustration

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If you are trying to find out about illustrators from the last 100 years, you should check out this site. The Illustration House offers auctions for it’s paintings. They have an amazing collection of the “greats", and they post large “thumbnails” of many of the images.

People like Mead Schaeffer, Saul Tepper, Andrew Loomis, Pruis Carter, Franklin Booth, James Flagg, Howard Pyle, Dean Cornwell, Harvey Dunn, Jessie Wilcox Smith, John Gannam, Boris Artzybasheff, and on and on.



Set Design - Environment

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This is Craig Mullins site.  It has LOTs of imagery. Mostly environments/sets. Mostly digitally painted. He is a professional Designer in the Entertainment industry, and he is one of the best.



Creature Design - Carlos Huante

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The following site has a lot of monsters on it.  They tend to be the "lean and mean" type.  Sinewing muscles, visible tendons, lips pulled back (or nonExistent), teeth bared. Clenched fists. the stances tend to be Reared Up/Back. Not a lot of stance variety.  The gestures are almost full bodied. (Almost).

A lot of the creatures are "mixed".  Ex. A lion head on a gorilla body. 

The renderings are quite accomplished. Both the sketch work and the Paintings.  A very nice attention to detail. A strong sense of three dimensional form. Carlos is an accomplished professional.



Modern Design

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The following link will get you to a site that has some decent modern designs.


furniture and sundry.



Product Design Links

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This site has a lot of links that are worth checking out. All sorts of products. Modern and retro. Different materials - ceramics, glass, etc.