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For all of you character designers and writers out there, and anyone else who cares:

You might like the following site.


It has a decent collection of information.  Images and Text content.

They also have creatures from mythology


Vintage Posters

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I found a site that I like a lot. it is www.allposters.com 

I particularly like the Vintage Art and Style Section


Up Down

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The next time that you are in the forum, do a search on Up or Down.  There is a nice dialogue there that deals with the metaphorical importance of Up and Down Spatial relationships. Such a simple concept, and yet it is still quite difficult to control in a design.


End - Alignment - Add On

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Just started some threads to deal with Endings, Alignments, and Add Ons.

These are important principles that we should understand Visually.


Vice Lash Totter Wedge

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These are just a few of the New Events that are now available.

Here are some others. Hug, Telescope, spinOff, Hurdle.


Hug Form Event

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We have some new Events posted. Hug is a new one, and rather cool. It taps into some powerful concepts.


seaSerpent - sea serpent

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the seaSerpent has some great principles involved. The spine element is particularly nice. As well the container and boundary issues are worth exploring.


web and wend Form Events

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Two more Events are now available for exploration.

Wend and Web.

Both of these Events wind back and forth amongst seperate structural elements. One is a Trail form (tf/gf) and the other is a Pattern form. (pf/f) or (pf/gf)


Straddle Form Event

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Here are some basics regarding straddle. Mount, Rider, Saddle (gasket).