Anita - Target - Surround

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There are 4 new lectures in the AnitaBomba series. One on ‘Target’ and Three on ‘Surround’.

We suggest that you compare these new lectures to the Minority Report lectures. Especially, Ripple, Stoneskip, and Halo.


System Logic Basics

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We posted many more ideas in the System Logic Overview section of the forum. Lot’s of food for thought


New Chat Lectures

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We just recorded a bunch of new lectures
for the Chat Series. 
Keep an eye out for them.  They will be here soon.

Topics include: Affordances, Making Connections, ‘One Forms,’ Morph, Joining, Trauma, and more. 


The Forum

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The Forum is up and running,
and its super cool!

We already have a bunch of Posts Posted and some neat logic to learn about.

Access to the Form Language has never been easier.


New Form Events

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Ok, As of today, there are 27 Form Events that have been blocked in.  They have a picture or two, keywords, rules, versus, and version numbers.

You can see them all at once if you hit the QkRf link that resides at the top of the page in the ABCDefinitions section.  It is just to the left of the MAIN button.

These Events will continue to be refined as the days go by, but I wanted you to have some semi-solid logic to start exploring in your designs.

Have fun!!