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What a fun movie.

It is noteworthy that they made an effort to connect the visuals to the story.  Particularly in the case of the main characters:

Violet (the introvert) has the ability to turn invisible.  Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The over-extended mother that is trying to hold the family together is the stretchy one.

The distracted ‘Father Figure’ is both strong and destructive. 

What about the two boys? Any thoughts?

?Also, how would you sum up each character in one or two words?


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Here are some terms from the Animation industry. If you know what they mean, feel free to leave a description. If you have other thoughts, let us know them.

-a ‘5 phrase scene’
-Articulation Phase
-Animation "Fix’s"
-Off/On Model
-"CAST this"
-Pollish pass
-Cell setups