Form Events

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I am going to start blocking in the Events DictionaryThis will be the first pass, so I am not going to go into too much detail.  I will put in the basics.  If you have specific questions about a particular issue then ask me, and I will address the issue directly.

The main goal here is to give you access to as many different form variations as possible.


Stone Skip

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I added some more imagery to this Event.

There are now 5 different Specialties represented.  It certainly helps to see an idea realized in different ways.  A lot of the images are clickable, so click on them to see what happens.




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What a fun movie.

It is noteworthy that they made an effort to connect the visuals to the story.  Particularly in the case of the main characters:

Violet (the introvert) has the ability to turn invisible.  Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The over-extended mother that is trying to hold the family together is the stretchy one.

The distracted ‘Father Figure’ is both strong and destructive. 

What about the two boys? Any thoughts?

?Also, how would you sum up each character in one or two words?


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Here are some terms from the Animation industry. If you know what they mean, feel free to leave a description. If you have other thoughts, let us know them.

-a ‘5 phrase scene’
-Articulation Phase
-Animation "Fix’s"
-Off/On Model
-"CAST this"
-Pollish pass
-Cell setups


the Habit of SEEing

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I also want to mention how important it is to make this process a daily process. Every day we need to SEE and EVALUATE what we are seeing.

15 minutes daily is much better than 2 hours once a week.

Try to create the habit.

March progress report

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Well, this month is coming to a close.  If you have visited the NEWS section, you will see that I have posted something COOL and NEW every day of this month.  That was my goal, and I have succeeded.

I feel like the site is really growing. The emails that I have gotten from you all have been enthusiastic.  Your questions have been great. Thanks for engaging.

The site now has almost 75 lectures available.  Many of the other sections are shaping up as well.  It is hard for me to pick a favorite section, they all have so much potential. Granted, there is still an enormous amount of work to be done. But I am encouraged by the progress thus far.  I often find myself digging around in the site, just to see what new ideas will be sparked. Lots of sparks.

So many new ideas.  I have a long list, that just keeps getting longer, of neat things that I would like to create for your learning pleasure.  All in good time.

Take Care and Keep your Eyes Open.

Burden Table

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Take a look at the ‘Burdened’ lecture in the product CHAT series.  Keep in mind that a table is meant to SUPPORT weight.  It is a raised platform.  As a result, theming a table around gravity and weight is nicely appropriate.

Can you name the core elements on at least 3 levels? What logic is used? What principles are used? (uh, is gravity one of them?) What events are used?

If you follow this next link to the lecture page, you will need to click through to the next page.



CHAT Series

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I am starting a new type of lectures.  I am calling them the ‘Chat’ series.  I don’t plan to have diagrams with them.  This type of lecture will provide me with a quicker way to get ideas to you.  The lectures will have a ‘Focus Image’ and an audio track.

Let me know which lectures are your favorites and I will make an effort to expand them into ‘hypertext’ documents with accompying ‘diagrams.


Contain - Covet

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New section for contain.  Already has some cool imagery and logic.  More to come. There is a nice connection to a Matryoshka.  Translation = Nested Dolls.



Assignments - Projects

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I have started a section to deal with Assignments.  This section will likely give suggested projects that will put you through your paces.  I am thinking of structuring it in classes or mini-classes.  That might be a good way to go.  I am also considering having the classes tie together in levels.



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Check out the Mushroom lecture.  Anita Bomba likes Shrooms. Also in the nonMembers section.

stoneSkip Event

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I have added some transportation design related imagery to stone skip.



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I have just posted AntiGravity lectures. They are also available in the NonMembers section. They deal with theming.



Nest Form Event

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The Nest page is posted.  There is some super cool logic in the rules. I think you will have a great learning experiance with this one. I have started thinking about some nice diagrams to put in this section.



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I have just posted a lecture that addresses the Exploded Anti-Gravity Sign section.  There will be one or two more lectures to follow.  The lecture walks you through the logic for that sign.  The focus is on demonstrating ‘Theme and Variation’ in action. Visit the NEWS section for accessing it.


Anita Bomba Tall

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Here is a new series dealing with height.  The Tall series.



AUTHORSHIP - ManMade or Not

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Here is a page that addresses authorship.


Gravity Sign Exploded

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I have done a ‘breakdown’ of a European store sign. I have included some diagrams with it. I think that the ‘breakdowns’ will cause you to see some things that you had not previously seen.



A Principle called Facing

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I am starting to flesh out the Principles section.  Here is a bit of logic.


consumer specifics

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There is a new section that addresses consumer specific concerns.  It’s real basic Target Market stuff. More to come.



stream - not streaming

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All right! Here is the ’stream’ logic.



teeter diagrams

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I have added some diagrams to the teeter Event. Let me know if they make sense.  I plan to do more things like this for other Events.



Making and Finding Comments

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I am making an effort to get the QandA LOG better connected to the content on the site. When you are reading a comment in a LOG, you will often see the following words:

-Take me there-



These are links.  If you click on the link it will take you to the page in the site that addresses the issues discussed in that particular comment section.

Also, I am starting to put -COMMENT?- buttons on the web pages so that if you wish to make a comment you will be taken to the appropriate section of the LOG to do so.

ex. You can find a COMMENT? button in the lower left of the ‘teeter’ page in the Form Event Dictionary.

-Take me there-



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I posted the logic for ‘Teeter’.  Made some references to Undercuts. And I gave it a ’Versus’ section as well.

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There is some new content in the Principles section. I have started some thoughts regarding Gravity Principles.  There will be much more to follow as Gravity has such an enormous impact upon the designer.

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Blossom BellyFlop

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I added Rules and Sundry for Blossom and BellyFlop.
Form Events are stored in the Definitions section.

-Take me there- Blossom

-Take me there- BellyFlop


What’s New?

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If you are wanting to see the new stuff that I have put on the site, check out the ‘NEWS’ section. NEWS

select image (form)

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I just added some info regarding various ideas to consider when selecting an image to study.

The conversation centers around mindset and how that will effect your approach.

Shape System

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Over the next couple of weeks, I will be making a bunch of Anita Bomba lectures available.

The conversation will mostly be centered around ’shape systems.’ Some of them are already available.  Check out the Fields catagory, which is accessible from the main screen.

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These are three lectures that deal with ReachOutOf logic.  The imagery comes mostly from Pirates of the Carribbean.

These lectures are located in the ABCdefinitions area in the ‘R’ section.

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