Harley Jessup - Production Design

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Harley Jessup. These images were Production Design Sketches for Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. Movie. You can see more of his work on the Pixar WebSite.



Bruce Zick - Production Design

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I remember seeing this guys stuff on the walls when I was working at Disney. I ran across his work again on the Pixar site today. His name is Bruce Zick, and he’s got some formidable chops. I haven’t run across a website for him yet, but I will keep looking.

Bruce ZickĀ (link)

PigDog Productions (related link)



Tatopoulos Studio

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This group is obviously competent. If you dig around a bit on their site, you can find some concept work. The sketches are not particularly notable, but their sculptural stuff is solid. Here are a few samples of what to expect. They have worked on a lot of movies.

Tatopoulos (link)


Barry Jackson - Set Design

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Barry has been a part of a lot of movies (among other things like games and posters). Prince of Egypt, Cool World, Shrek and more. He has done Production Design as well as Character Design. Apparently he also has done writing and directing (whatever those are). A rather talented cat.

Barry Jackson (link)