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This site is fantastic. There are thousands upon thousands of images. Following are mostly russian posters from the 20’s (ish). I’m a sucker for this stuff. Go to the site if you get the chance. So much to see. The russian images are found in the vintage movie ad section.

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Ralph Steadman - Editorial

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I am not sure whether he would consider himself to be a character designer or not, but I certainly like his characters. I will leave the decision up to you.

Ralph Steadman


Le Uyen Pham - Illustrator

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What can I say about Uyen? She is one of my favoritest people! She has a fantastic spirit, which I am sure you will be able to sense simply by exploring her Web Site. She is an illustrator. She used to work for DreamWorks SKG. She enjoys creating Childrens Books. Her Character Designs are great. And she is one of the hardest workers you will ever find. May she live forever!

Le Uyen Pham


Barry Jackson - Set Design

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Barry has been a part of a lot of movies (among other things like games and posters). Prince of Egypt, Cool World, Shrek and more. He has done Production Design as well as Character Design. Apparently he also has done writing and directing (whatever those are). A rather talented cat.

Barry Jackson (link)


Classic Illustration

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If you are trying to find out about illustrators from the last 100 years, you should check out this site. The Illustration House offers auctions for it’s paintings. They have an amazing collection of the “greats", and they post large “thumbnails” of many of the images.

People like Mead Schaeffer, Saul Tepper, Andrew Loomis, Pruis Carter, Franklin Booth, James Flagg, Howard Pyle, Dean Cornwell, Harvey Dunn, Jessie Wilcox Smith, John Gannam, Boris Artzybasheff, and on and on.