Alex Ross - Character Design

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Alex Ross is well known to comic book fans. He specializes in designing people.

Alex Ross


All Posters - Photo, Illustration, plus

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This site is fantastic. There are thousands upon thousands of images. Following are mostly russian posters from the 20’s (ish). I’m a sucker for this stuff. Go to the site if you get the chance. So much to see. The russian images are found in the vintage movie ad section.

All Posters







Coulier Creatures - Makeup

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Here is another site that focuses on Makeup.

Coulier Creatures


Character and Prosthetic Makeup - Women

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This site focuses on all different types of character and prosthetic makeup projects that have been applied to women. Period, Age, Character, Fantasy, Disfigured, Wierd, and more. This is a nice resource site.

The Makeup Gallery



Ralph Steadman - Editorial

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I am not sure whether he would consider himself to be a character designer or not, but I certainly like his characters. I will leave the decision up to you.

Ralph Steadman


Gris Grimly - Childrens Books

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Well, Here he is. I have had the pleasure of knowing Steven for many years, and he is a stand-up guy. And Right Talented. I specially enjoy his characters. If you like his stuff, you might also like artists along the lines of Tim Burton, Maurice Sendack and Ralph Steadman.

Gris Grimly


Treadway . Toomey Galleries - Products

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This site is great. They have thousands of images online for you to peruse. They have pretty good taste too. They focus on items from the last 100 years. You can get quite a design education just by studying their products.

It was hard to narrow it down to just a couple images, but here are six that I like.

Treadway . Toomey


Carter Goodrich - Character Designer

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As far as I know, Carter is still a studio artist. I have seen his work for "Emporers New Groove" and "Treasure Planet" which were Disney films. I believe he started out as an illustrator as I have seen some of his Cover Illustrations as far back as the 90’s. I haven’t been able to find a Web Site that is dedicated to him yet. All too often, the "heavy hitters" don’t feel the need to advertise, as the industry mucky-mucks are already aware of them and keeping them busy. No need to advertise, I guess.

I like Carter’s work a lot.


Lebbeus Woods - Architect

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There are probably a lot of sites that show his work, but here is one that I ran across. A lot of Entertainment designers use his work as inspiration for their production design. A good example is the chair in 12 Monkeys.

Lebbeus Woods


Zanpo - Interactive Web Site

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You can build your own Environments on this site. And you can explore other peoples properties.



Le Uyen Pham - Illustrator

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What can I say about Uyen? She is one of my favoritest people! She has a fantastic spirit, which I am sure you will be able to sense simply by exploring her Web Site. She is an illustrator. She used to work for DreamWorks SKG. She enjoys creating Childrens Books. Her Character Designs are great. And she is one of the hardest workers you will ever find. May she live forever!

Le Uyen Pham


Birmingham International Airport

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This site is simple and clean.
The Interactive Flash Section.

Birmingham International Airport


Rinzen - Print Graphic Design

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Here is a graphic design site to check out. It looks like they are using vector based software.




Vintage Memorabilia

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This site has a collection of memorabilia. It has a range from Objects, Graphics, Fashion and so on. Access to the information is by decade. There is a fair amount of samples to explore. Enjoy.

Authentic History

This image is by J.C. Leyendecker. He is one of my favorite illustrators of all time. If you are not aware of his work, you should be. Norman Rockwell idolized this guy and in many ways I agree.


Harley Jessup - Production Design

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Harley Jessup. These images were Production Design Sketches for Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. Movie. You can see more of his work on the Pixar WebSite.



Bruce Zick - Production Design

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I remember seeing this guys stuff on the walls when I was working at Disney. I ran across his work again on the Pixar site today. His name is Bruce Zick, and he’s got some formidable chops. I haven’t run across a website for him yet, but I will keep looking.

Bruce Zick (link)

PigDog Productions (related link)



Iain McCaig - Character Design

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Well, We must mention Iain at some point. He is a competant Character Designer. He has a strong sense of proportion, which is probably the hardest skill for a designer to obtain. He does traditional illustration as well. And yes, he worked on the Star Wars - Pre-trilogy. It looks like he is about to populate a web-site, but for right now, he just has a parking-page posted, So keep an eye out…

Iain McCaig


Tatopoulos Studio

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This group is obviously competent. If you dig around a bit on their site, you can find some concept work. The sketches are not particularly notable, but their sculptural stuff is solid. Here are a few samples of what to expect. They have worked on a lot of movies.

Tatopoulos (link)


Mike Mignola - Hellboy

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Well. Most people know about Mike. In my humble opinion, he is one of the best designers in existance. Simply put, he is a MASTER ARTIST. His sense of composition is SUPERB. His characters are fun and unique. He is a competent storyteller.

If I had to nitpick, there are two things that I would like to see him do: Tell better stories is the first one. And the second one is as follows- His style is so refined (and well documented) that I would love to see him develop a new style (or three), just to see what he would do with them.

The following is in no way meant to denegrate Mike, but I have one last comment: For those of you who think that Mike’s aesthetic is completely original, go take a look at someone like Ludwig Holwein 1926(ish). Nothing is new, under the sun. Note: I do not know if Mike has ever seen Holwein’s work, or if it was an important influence. Ask him if you care to know. My personal opinion? Mike probably saw Holwein’s work, but I suspect that it was not a great influence on him. Why do I say this? Because Mike’s progress towards his current style was slow and painstaking. 10+ years of migration.

Mike Mignola - Hellboy (link)


Ryan Meinerding - Character Design

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Here are a few images from an up-and-comer.
Notice the attention to detail.